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Costa Rica is an international icon in all things environmental, and mitigating climate change is no exception. Since the early 2000s, the country has remained free of fossil fuel exploration and extraction through executive decree. But when Rodrigo Chaves Robles assumed the presidency in 2022, he put this policy into peril.

Behind every extension of the fossil fuel moratorium was, of course, the tireless work of savvy strategists and tenacious campaigners. For decades, they have flexed the power of Costa Rican identity and dedication to conservation to get businesses, activists and policymakers to work together to keep Costa Rica “libre de perforación” or free of perforation. 

Hear how Costa Rican advocates are using visual art and music, media and momentum from past wins to mobilize young people, call BS on the opposition’s tired economy versus environment arguments, and secure for themselves a future free of fossil fuels.

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Meet Our Interviewees

Judith Pereira Vasquez

Judith Pereira Vásquez

Climate activist and feminist, Judith Pereira Vásquez, is a twenty-three year old student of international relations. She co-founded and serves as president of Red de Juventudes y Cambio Climático de Costa Rica, the Youth and Climate Change Network of Costa Rica and served as a delegate at Conference of Parties (COP) 26 and regional coordinator of Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY) 16.

Carolina Sanchez

Carolina Sánchez

Carolina has more than 3 years of experience working both in communication and in projects related to sustainability and renewable energy for private companies, as well as for NGOs and the public sector. She has experience in developing and implementing marketing and communication strategies, establishing and maintaining key alliances, organizing different types of events, defining key messages, and guiding and training spokespersons.

She has worked with the energy sector in Costa Rica, collaborating with regulatory processes, specifically regarding electric self-generation and the growth of solar energy, involving the Ministry of Energy, legislators, utilities and academia. These projects led to research and development of partnerships in energy markets in the Central America and Caribbean region, where he currently coordinates regional initiatives to move away from fossil fuels.

Her experience includes projects related to energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable transportation, waste management, recycling, gender equity, inclusion, and environmental impacts. Her specialty in these projects has been the ability to map and approach different stakeholders to achieve comprehensive strategies and campaigns through strategic alliances.

  • Words to Win By Costa Rica
  • Words to Win By Costa Rica
  • Words to Win By Costa Rica
  • Words to Win By Costa Rica
  • Words to Win By Costa Rica
  • Words to Win By Costa Rica